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James F. Ludwick, CFP
Founder, MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc.

James F. (Jim) Ludwick, Founder of MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc., is an hourly, Fee-Only financial planner servicing offices in New York City, Odenton, Maryland and the District of Columbia; with additional offices in Burlingame and Santa Barbara, California. Jim is a registered investment adviser representative in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia, Texas, Florida, New York, Nevada and California.

Areas of Practice:

• Financial planning including college and retirement planning
• Financial counseling including saving/budgeting/goal setting
• Investment advice on registered securities and income producing real estate
• Seminar/Webinar presentations on various personal finance topics
• Pension plan and money manager selection services
• Benefits and financial planning for federal civilians and US military personnel
• Other related financial planning services including Trusts and Estate Planning options

MainStreet Financial Planning does not sell products or manage assets for a percentage fee. Our focus is on providing professional, unbiased advice on a pure Fee-Only Hourly basis – at the client’s request – much like the hourly, as-needed services provided by a dentist, doctor, attorney or CPA. Checkups and preventative care are critical to maintaining good financial health, just as they are to maintaining good physical and dental health.

Mr. Ludwick has been a part of the financial services industry since 1988. A 1983 graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Masters Program in Healthcare Administration, Mr. Ludwick earned the right to use the CFP marks of distinction from the CFP Board of Standards in 1999. He also has a M.S. in Management from Troy State University (Alabama). His undergraduate education is from the University of Arizona in Public Administration.

Retiring from the United States Air Force in 1986 after serving the majority of his 21-year career as a hospital administrator, Mr. Ludwick briefly entered civilian healthcare as an assistant hospital administrator in Santa Barbara, California. He left health care in 1988 to enter the investment world, first in commercial real estate and subsequently the life insurance and mutual fund businesses. After working as an investment counselor in the trust department of two California banks, he became a regional vice president covering the Mid-Atlantic States for an international investment firm based near San Francisco. He has been in private practice since November 2002. More than 1,200 clients have engaged his services since that time.

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MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc.

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MainStreet Financial Planning, Inc. is an hourly and project based fee-only financial planning firm. We do not sell products or manage assets. We foster ongoing relationships to develop and implement specific financial goals and help clients navigate many areas of personal finance including savings, debt management, investment recommendations, retirement planning, tax, estate planning, college planning and many other common issues facing individuals and families who strive to achieve their dreams. Founded in 2002, it is one of the largest national firms practicing this business model.

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RIA - James Ludwick

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