This Class Action Lawsuit Helping 75 Million People is a Great Opportunity

Author: Ernest Almanza | May 30, 2019 | 0 Comments | 25 View(s)

he imminent market meltdown that many expect this coming year will harm 75 million Baby Boomers much more than everyone else because Boomers are all in the Risk Zone ( ) that spans the transition from working life to retirement. Losses sustained in the Risk Zone sacrifice lifestyles, even if markets subsequently recover. Those outside the Risk Zone have a reasonable chance of recovering, just as they did in 2002 and 2008, but Boomers are not so lucky, and they only get to do this once.

Don’t let this happen. Please visit our website ( ) for the serious risk management that Boomers need at this critical time in their lives. Most are taking way too much risk. Target date funds and individual retirement accounts are 55% in equities with most of the balance in risky long term bonds. This is
riskier than the mix that lost 30% in 2008.

Don’t wait. History teaches us that the flight to safety usually happens after the damage is done, when it’s too late. Risk management is not the same as market timing.
An expert warning

In “TARGET DATE FUNDS: Pot Of Gold Or Baited Trap”, Philip Chiricotti, Ececutive Director of the Center for Fiduciary Due Diligence warns:

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