Should You Have Taxable Savings in Retirement?

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Should You Have Taxable Savings in Retirement? When saving for retirement, we often prioritize tax-deferred accounts. But we should save for retirement in other types of accounts, too. After reading this week’s blog, you should better understand why it makes sense to include taxable savings in your retirement accounts. If your employer offers a match, […]

Pay Yourself First!

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Pay Yourself First! Pay yourself first. When it comes to developing a regular plan for savings, remember those three words. Retirement can be a scary proposition. Unfortunately, most people simply are not saving enough for retirement. As a result, they enter retirement unprepared. Pay Yourself First If you are not familiar with the term, “pay […]

Market Thoughts

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Apprise’s Five Favorite Reads for the Week of September 18, 2022 It’s hard not to notice that after strong returns in July and a solid start to August, the market has once again turned lower. While we never know for sure, reports of higher-than-expected inflation in August likely spurred the latest decline. On Tuesday, the […]

Financial Planning for Female-Led Households Q&A

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Financial Planning for Female-Led Households Q&A Apprise recently published a free e-book to help female-led households prepare for their financial future. It is designed to help women better understand how to optimize their investments, retirement accounts, and Social Security benefits. It also addresses other important financial planning topics for women. You can download a copy […]

Municipal Bonds: Recent Weakness Leads to Investing Opportunity

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Municipal Bonds: Investing Opportunity After Recent Weakness 2022 has been a year of adjustments. Reassessing risk and rebalancing asset allocation have been top of mind for investors for many months now. Most asset classes have fallen in value due mainly to inflation risks, elevated interest rates, and higher commodity prices. One market that has corrected more rapidly […]

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