Financial Planning Rules For Millennials

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Financial Planning Rules For Millennials William Bevins is a Certified Financial Planner in the metro Nashville, TN area offering retirement planning and investment advice. He serves clients as a fiduciary financial advisor putting their interests first when offering investment and financial planning for millennials.  Millennials are quite possibly the most underserved group within the US when it comes […]

Bright Ideas for Replacing Lost Income

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As the economy shifts, opportunities for generating money sprout in place of others that fade away. Money Management Solutions notes that history demonstrates the foundation for great fortunes can be laid during a financial downturn. If your earnings have dipped because of a job loss or underemployment, try these suggestions from FinancialAdvisors.com to replace and […]

Should You Have Taxable Savings in Retirement?

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Should You Have Taxable Savings in Retirement? When saving for retirement, we often prioritize tax-deferred accounts. But we should save for retirement in other types of accounts, too. After reading this week’s blog, you should better understand why it makes sense to include taxable savings in your retirement accounts. If your employer offers a match, […]

Pay Yourself First!

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Pay Yourself First! Pay yourself first. When it comes to developing a regular plan for savings, remember those three words. Retirement can be a scary proposition. Unfortunately, most people simply are not saving enough for retirement. As a result, they enter retirement unprepared. Pay Yourself First If you are not familiar with the term, “pay […]

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