Interview with Christopher Bouffard, Director of Wealth Management - Prime Capital

Author: Donald Williams | June 08, 2021 | 0 Comments | 25 View(s)

[00.00 – 06:30] Introduction – We talk a little about Chris’ background, moving to Kansas City with American Century and being hired by TMFS.

[06:30 – 16:00] Investment Philosophies – We talk about how the investment philosophies changed under his stewardship at TMFS (Adam’s ALL Active to the blended approach he ushered in) and how the performance improved. We also discuss how as various transactions of selling the company, the investment philosophy became more dogmatic around passive indexing.

[16:00 – 22:30] PCIA- We talk about what led him to choose PCIA; mainly aligned philosophies of unconstrained approach to passive/active and the use of satellite and alternative strategies. He outlines the investment philosophy/strategies at PCIA and how the flexibility benefits clients.

[22:30 – 35:00] The look ahead: We discuss how clients are concerned with the dramatic change in fiscal policy of the new administration, what he sees as risks to the bull market, timing of potential correction, inflation, and how we can best protect clients from these risks.

[35:00 – 36:00] Wrap up- thanking him for his time.

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