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At, we believe advice is more effective when it is narrowly tailored to fit a specific set of circumstances. For this reason, we've divided financial advice into the five broad categories that encompass an individual's wealth.

     Wall Street-Centered Investments

     Real Estate

The financial advisors on our site are listed in one category with up to four specialties that best suits the type of advisory services they offer.
This model insures that the financial advisor chosen by you will have the knowledge and expertise to better assist you with the type of financial advice you are seeking. This search method also incentivizes the advisors themselves to reach out to advisors in other categories to network and collaborate thus creating a community of specialists within the financial advice field. 
So let's get started in choosing the right financial advisor for you!
In choosing the right financial advisor, you should start by asking these four basic questions.
What are your services?
What kind of credentials do you hold and how do they help me?
How are you compensated?
Can you provide me a couple names of your past or current clients?
While the list of potential questions is exhaustive, the answers to these four will provide the most important information you will need in selecting the right financial advisor for you.

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