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Resource Partner Details

Curio Haus

Category: Marketing, Coaching, and Content Services

Year Founded: 2023

Contact Person: Sonia Dumas

Title/Designation: Payday Conversations Expert

(855) 268-1341

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Discover How to Have Payday Conversations with Your Most Profitable Clients

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Did you know that today there’s an industry crisis… 

for financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants that are overwhelmed with marketing low-conversion marketing tactics (not to mention crypto) and…

… intensely searching for the fastest way to attract their most profitable clients and …

… make their competition irrelevant and …

… create new tidal waves income?

Working together we share with you …

The fastest method we’ve found to stand out from the competition…

… confirm your website and landing pages maximizes the conversion equation,

… activate payday conversations with your most profitable clients,

… how to join a networking community filled with your ideal centers of influence,

… and shifts your revenue model to attract a new segment of clients.

Skeptical? You should be! 

So far generic marketers have failed to show you…

  • How to build, in less than 4 weeks, a clearly defined strategy to get the attention of your most profitable clients.
  • Focus your messaging to eliminate your competition from your prospects decision process.
  • Create new avenues of income beyond assets under management.
  • Build revolving doors of referrals.
  • And interact with a live-hands-on-team to guide you step by step.

Still skeptical, but curious?

I invite you to get educated about how to build this game-changing strategy into your business and stop risking more money on what’s not working.

Step 1

Stalk our website and Linkedin profile (don’t worry we all do it!).
>> https://www.curiohaus.com <<

Step 2

Take a 14-day free peak into our community focused on systematized growth. >> https://streetsmarts.curiohaus.com <<

Step 3

Network with our members. Get inspired. Swipe ideas from our strategy vault.


See you inside!

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Discover A Better Way To Automate Your Revenue Goals

➕  Implement a work-smarter-not-harder strategy to attract your most profitable prospects using the Conversion Equation.

➕  Pivot your marketing and messaging without having to overhaul your entire website (and make your competition irrelevant!).

➕  Create a sales strategy that converts your hesitant prospects into clients by activating Payday Conversations.

➕  Discover how to build a recurring revenue business model.

➕  Capture time to enjoy life and achieve your goals.

➕  Access a community of professionals that will hold you accountable to crush the fear, stress and overwhelm that’s paralyzing you from winning.

➕ Build strategic partnerships, joint venture alliances, and payday communities that support you through referrals.

➕  Access weekly strategies to stop procrastinating, gain momentum, and focus on revenue-generating activities.

➕  Much, much MORE!

You’re invited to take a 14-day free look into our growing center of influences community. >> http://streetsmarts.curiohaus.com <<


Sonia is an all-around phenomenal marketer when it comes to effective strategy, planning and execution. Her approach is knowledgeable and precise based on years of experience and this shines through in the results she achieves for her clients. It's a fantastic experience working alongside Sonia, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Chris M. - CEO
Through the prep, interview, and follow up, I've been delighted by the chance to get acquainted more with Sonia, and I can strongly recommend her as a sales expert for the financial community and an interviewer to follow for everyone in sales -

Deb C. - CEO
Sonia is able to strategize and execute for both short-term and long-term success. Her efforts produced high-quality results consistently. Sonia possesses a winning combination of technical skills, business sense, uncommon creativity and, most importantly, emotional intelligence. She’s a growth leader who creates value and builds relationships.

Amon R. - CEO

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210 East Main Street
Montrose, Colorado 81401

[email protected]

(855) 268-1341


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