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For the financial advisor, having the latest in financial planning software is a must. Historical data, investment comparisons, and equity evaluation formulas allow you to determine the appropriate investment and retirement plans for your clients. Our Financial Planning Resource Partners will supply you with the necessary tools to make it easy for your clients to comprehend complex investment strategies and ensure confidence in their financial plans.

Over the past several years, reverse mortgages have become a very important variable in the retirement planning process. Our Reverse Mortgage Resource Partners work in conjunction with Financial Advisors to help craft a plan that takes into consideration all availabe resources in creating a comprehensive retirement plan.  

A financial plan would not be complete without proper insurance coverage. For fee-only investement advisors, providing insurance to their clients may be problematic. Our Insurance Services Resource Partners offer a solution by providing only term or no-load permannet insurance policies. Take a few minutes and review what our Financial Planning Resource Partners have to offer. Please feel free to contact them to get answers to your questions regarding their products or services.

Private Equity, Venture Capital, Commodities, Crowdfunding; these are just a few of the assets who qualify as Alternative Investments. Alternative investments differ from traditional publicly traded stocks and bonds. Alternative investments such as gold are easily accessible to all buyers, but some may only be available to accredited investors or brokers. Alternative Investments belong in a well-balanced investor's portfolio as they could produce higher returns than traditional investments. However, most are highly illiquid, so investors will have to tie up their money for a certain amount of time. Crowdfunding is another promising avenue for alternative investing.  






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