SEO For Financial Advisors

We Handle the Hassle of SEO

The Internet is a vast and mysterious place. For an advisor to be found on the web, they need a firm grasp of what it takes to optimize their website for search engines. You do not have control over certain things, but other aspects can only be improved with time and patience!

Maintaining your website content will ensure that prospects continue finding you through search engines and traffic from Facebook pages, blogs posts, and social media. Being active socially allows room for natural mentions by others which may push your name into search results without even trying!

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Keys To SEO

Search Engine Optimization is all about ranking higher in search engine results. The two keys to SEO are content and links. Search engines like Google or Bing need something engaging, informative and creative for them to rank your website highly on their search results page!


Create quality posts with many inbound links! But SEO isn’t always as simple as filling up one post per day for years. You’ve got to learn how search engines crawl websites. Conduct research about what keywords people are using when they do searches related to your industry. Track keyword rankings over time- all while keeping customers happy by providing them timely information through social media sites such as Facebook or Linkedin.

Blogging is a great SEO strategy for Financial Advisors!

Businesses that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t and bring 55% more traffic to their website. Financial advisors often find themselves questioning how best to market their practice after the initial process of setting up their business. Blogging is an excellent way for them to attract clients, keep them informed, and improve their SEO.

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Local SEO Dominance

We will will create quality monthly content focused on improving Local SEO and Google Maps rankings. This process is critical for your website’s ranking in the local search engine and your business ranking within Google My Business (on maps). We’ll create web pages, blog posts, or reputation videos to help improve the relevance aspect of search rankings. This content will vary based on your needs and your package level. Blog posts will be boosted on Facebook for increased reach, while social media campaigns will keep driving traffic back to your website over time.

SEO Services Include:

Technical SEO

The focus of this effort is to make sure that the core technical SEO issues are monitored and addressed in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that Google is indexing the pages on your website
  • Build authority and inbound links from other websites
  • Reviewing, optimizing and making strategic recommendations for the website to keep up with search engine algorithm updates 
  • Monitoring and managing backlink profile on an ongoing basis to minimize the risk of algorithmic penalties and negative SEO attacks
  • Reviewing and working with the client to improve website conversion rates 

Directory and Citation Management:

The continuous process of optimizing directory profiles and promoting campaigns that help raise directory profiles in search engines. It also includes building citations that send SEO signals from different sites across the web.

Google My Business Listing

We’ll do Google Posts, facilitate Google Questions and Answers, add photos and videos, and monitor and optimize the Google My Business page.

SEO Tracking & Reports

We will install Analytics on your site to give insights into how the SEO efforts are doing, enabling us to make adjustments and bring as much visibility to your site as possible.