Social Media For Financial Advisors

Social Media Builds Trust

Financial advisors should use targeted, emotionally compelling social media content that speaks to the client. These days everything is about customer experience and providing customers with a unique service they cannot find anywhere else for them to stand out from their competition.

Investment advisors used to be limited from participating in social media because they could not offer comments or engage potential clients on platforms such as Facebook. Now, the SEC advertising rules have been updated. Investment advisors can enjoy a full-fledged social media marketing presence and take advantage of the benefits offered by these platforms – building engagement and moving prospects through their decision making process with posts targeted at specific audiences.

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Grow Your Brand Awareness

Competition has dramatically increased as clients have more options than ever before when it comes time for choosing who will handle their finances and wealth.

With so many companies vying for the attention of potential investors and current account holders, investment and accounting firms must come up with ways how they can distinguish themselves on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It’s not just through word-of-mouth referrals anymore.

This means using strategies such as visually appealing graphics coupled with powerful messaging. 

Reduce The Hassle Of Running Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be the bane of your existence when running a successful financial advisory firm. Our team will take care of social media management for you!

We create posts that are engagement worthy, and help you increase your exposure and grow your database of followers. No more worrying about what to post, where to post it, or when to post it — we take care of this for you! Turnkey social media for financial advisors!

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