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Financial Advisor in Lexington, Kentucky

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I am a Certified Financial Professional and have been in the business over 25 years. I own and operate SeaCure Advisors, an independent registered investment advisory firm. We work with clients who are in a transition in their lives – retiring, children headed to college, loss of a spouse through death or divorce, moving to another state. I give back to the communities where I live through volunteer work. I enjoy cooking, gardening, music, and swimming. I have been widowed, have 2 adult children, and 2 granddaughters. Helping others is my passion.

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SeaCure Advisors

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SeaCure Advisors was founded in 2013. We are an independent registered advisory firm with offices located in Lexington, KY and Sarasota, FL. We do have clients in several other states. Our primary focus is helping clients experiencing transitions in their lives. We help them thrive through this process. We provide comprehensive financial planning with no other commitment required. We are fee based so we can implement all aspects of the clients goals if they want that part of our offerings.

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RIA - Carolyn Howard, CFP

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219 East High Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507

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