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COVID-19: The IRS Goes Easy on Taxpayers Who Owe Back Taxes

Author: Candice Gerlach | January 11, 2021
COVID-19: The IRS Goes Easy on

How to navigate rules regarding COVID -19 related back taxes owed to the IRS....

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COVID-Proofing Your Financial Advisory Practice

Author: Jim Eckel | January 05, 2021
COVID-Proofing Your Financial

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses across industries to review how they...

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Reaching New Audiences: Leveraging Digital to Promote Your Financial Advisory Practice

Author: Dennis Eckel | January 05, 2021
Reaching New Audiences: Levera

The financial service industry is going through a radical transformation with lo...

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Our mission statement states - Making Financial Advisory services readily available to the middle class to produce long term benefits for all Americans.

We believe that there is change coming to the Financial Advisory Industry and that it will be good for consumers.

Advisors are becoming independent at a faster rate than at any time in recent memory and with good reason.

Consumers are seeking an independent voice to assist them with their financial needs and not someone from a bank, brokerage, or insurance company that makes it hard to differentiate between financial advice and a product sale.

The advisors on our platform are independent meaning that their only customers are you, the client. Period.

Independent Advisors have more latitude in the services/products they offer their clients and not beholden to quotas and other types of questionable sales practices.

They are in the business because they enjoy helping people just like you better understand their options which usually results in a happy outcome for all parties.

So, let’s get started and see what an independent and trusted advisor can do for you!

Two Categories of Advisors

There are two categories of advisors: Investment Advisors and Tax and Accounting Advisors. These categories complement one another and are the basis to proper financial planning.

Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor

An investment advisor helps guide your investments in “Wall Street” related instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETF’s). They may also assist you with your financial, college, and retirement planning needs. Knowing you have the right financial plan makes life a little less uncertain and equally, a little more pleasurable to live.

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Tax & Accounting Advisor

Tax & Accounting Advisor

Many investors depend on the valuable services provided by a tax and accounting advisor. Making sure you don’t pay any more taxes than necessary keeps more money in your investment account, where it will continue to grow. Because it’s not just what you earn…it’s what you keep that counts, and.the right tax and accounting professional can be a true asset in so many ways.

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South Pasadena, California

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