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Financial Advisor in Woodbridge, Virginia

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George Reilly is among fewer than 5% of all Certified Financial Planners in the U.S. who also have a law degree. In addition to his J.D., he earned a Masters in Law degree from George Washington University School of Law with a specialization in income taxation and estate planning.

Unlike many financial advisors who focus on investment management, George has a tax-focused practice, working with primarily pre-retirees and retirees. The financial planning needs of clients in this stage of life are more complex than those who are in the saving for retirement years. Planning for retirement income and financial independence must factor in tax issues and legal readiness. In addition to his tax background, George's estate planning experience gives Safe Harbor clients a truly unique holistic approach to their planning needs.

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Safe Harbor Financial Advisors

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Helping You Safely Reach Your Financial Goals Is Our Mission.

We are fee-only Certified Financial Planners™ offering financial guidance customized to your needs on an hourly fee or project basis with no conflicts of interest. We help you achieve financial independence and Peace of Mind. That’s all we do.

Safe Harbor’s mission is to ensure that professional, objective financial advice is available to everyone and is not conditioned upon your net worth, income or assets. Our team is made up of fee-only financial planner professionals who provide services on an hourly fee or project fee basis, or on an ongoing retainer/subscription fee service program.

We believe that financial advisors have a Fiduciary Duty to their clients. This means that we must act solely in your best interests. This is only possible under a fee-only arrangement where you pay us directly. 

Safe Harbor Financial Advisors provides only financial planning and advice paid for by the client. Because Safe Harbor does not accept commissions or third-party compensation in any form, the advice rendered to our clients is completely independent. There are never any third-party agendas to worry about. Rest assured, your Safe Harbor financial planner is working solely for you – not a parent company or institution with a corporate sales agenda. This practice model is a great fit for individuals and families who do not meet the income or net worth requirements imposed by some advisors but would benefit from professional financial guidance

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RIA - George Reilly

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Please note that in the absence of a signed engagement agreement and retainer fee paid to Safe Harbor Financial Advisors, LLC, we are not providing any financial, legal or tax advice. 


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