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Jim Lear is the Chief Investments Officer of Guideway Financial, LLC, a fee-only financial planning and investments firm that provides comprehensive services to individuals and families, with a particular focus upon retirement income strategies.

Previously, Jim led a successful engineering career in the semiconductor industry for over 15 years. He holds undergraduate and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Jim’s experience in optimization algorithms for high-performance circuits dovetailed into his creation of portfolio optimization methods for financial management. He holds a patent for the Portfolion Planning™ methodology, a dynamic asset allocation and safe retirement withdrawal technique. It is used by Guideway Financial to create retirement plans that are designed for income to last an exact time, thus reducing worry over outliving retirement savings.  

Besides his lifelong interest in financial research, Jim also enjoys computer programming and spending time with friends and family. He currently serves as the Civic Affairs chair of his local neighborhood association, and he is a board member for the Austin Neighborhoods Council, a comprehensive representative of over 80 neighborhood associations.

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Guideway Financial

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Guideway Financial is a fee-only financial planning and investments management firm that provides comprehensive services to individuals and families, with a particular focus upon retirement income strategies. Using a patented approach, Guideway creates plans that are designed for retirement income to endure for an exact time, thus reducing worry whether income will last throughout retirement. Guideway was formed in 2013 in Austin, Texas, and serves clients throughout Texas.  

As a fee-only firm, the advisors at Guideway Financial are fiduciaries, and they do not sell any products or receive commissions or referral fees of any kind.  In addition, Guideway uses a fixed fee-for-service model (aka retainer), rather than charge a percentage of assets under management (AUM). The firm's leaders believe that this is the best way to serve as fiduciaries and place clients' interests first.  

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Sharon Lear provides tax services which are separate from the advisory services offered through Guideway Financial, LLC.  Guideway does not offer legal advice.  Please consult the appropriate professional regarding your individual circumstance.


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