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Joseph Vecchio, CPA, CFP®, MBA, CPA/PFS

I’m Joseph Vecchio, founder of Shore Financial Planning, a fee-only financial planning firm located in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.

My professional life started in accounting where I earned the CPA – Certified Public Accounting designation.  Accounting created the professional and business foundation that has taught me the value in understanding and communicating in the international language of business – accounting.

In 1998 I started my investment career as a professional trader/money manger.  Over the years on Wall Street I have made and LOST millions (I made more millions than I lost=key to trading/money management is managing risk).

The key to my long successful trading career was my ability to manage risk, analyze markets & companies, while being able to continually adapt and re-invent myself and my trading strategies to technological, competitive and regulatory pressures.  My competitive nature and ability to multi-task in a high pressure environment served me well during these years.

Despite being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and successful trader I was unable to put all of the pieces together to manage my own personal finances.  In 2000 I hired an ACP fee-only financial advisor for my personal finances.  Since 2001,  I have applied comprehensive fee only financial planning principles to my friends and family as their CPA/tax preparer and trusted financial advisor.

I earned my MBA – Masters of Business Administration from Montclair State University and studied and passed the Certified Financial Planner™ exam while working full-time as a professional trader.

My 25+ Professional years as an insider has cemented my belief that Wall Street & Insurance companies intentionally make finance and investing confusing and complex to sell high expense/commission products that favor themselves over people.  As a professional trader I have learned that stock-picking culture that CNBC promotes merely serves the best interest of CNBC and it’s Wall Street friends. After structural costs (taxes, fees, expenses, commissions) and behavioral costs (poor security selection and timing errors), the net result of active investors/traders falls far short of passive investment returns.

I believe in evidence-based portfolio management (passive investing)that is founded on Nobel Prize winning academic evidence, that is overwhelmingly in favor of passive investors. Those who accept market returns have performed meaningfully better on average than active investors who try to outperform the markets.

Shore Financial Planning was founded because the financial-advising industry is broken. I believe that my service should be completely in your best interest, not mine! My years on Wall Street have proven to me that financial salespeople are merely motivated by quotas, product sales, and commission-based income, and are a danger to your financial well-being.

I take pride in protecting people from financial predators and helping them make smart financial decisions. I provide peace of mind through conflict-free, value-added financial, and tax advice.

I reside in Monmouth Beach, NJ with my wonderful wife Colleen, three beautiful girls Grace, Morgan, and Riley, and three loving dogs. I enjoy striper fishing, Texas Hold-Em, college football, and caring for my saltwater reef aquarium and koi pond. I am an active member of my church, serve on the local board of education in Monmouth Beach, and provide pro bono financial and tax services to people in need.

I have dedicated my professional career to the finance and accounting professions for the past 25 years, continually enhancing my skills and credentials through rigorous ongoing continuing education. I am an active Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professional.

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Shore Financial Planning

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Shore Financial Planning (SFP) is a tax-focused, fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm that specializes in providing personalized, confidential financial planning, investment advice, investment management and tax preparation services to individuals.

SFP serves as a fiduciary, providing clients with the means to identify their personal financial objectives and find solutions to their financial problem areas by designing and simplifying their cash flow, performing tax planning and individual tax preparation, advising on financial risk and investment allocations, and providing retirement planning and insurance planning. All services are tailored to the client’s unique objectives. 


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RIA - Joseph Vecchio

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Shore Financial Planning, LLC, is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of the personal information that is entrusted to us. Shore Financial Planning understands the need for careful handling of this information, and we maintain a secure office to ensure that your information is not placed at unreasonable risk. We require confidentiality in our agreements with unaffiliated third parties that have access to your personal information, including financial service companies, consultants, and auditors. The categories of nonpublic information that we collect from you may include your social security number, address, date of birth, investment account information, information about your personal finances, and information about transactions between you and third parties. This personal identifiable information about you will be maintained while you are a client, and for the time period thereafter your information is required to be maintained by federal and state securities laws. After that time, your information may be destroyed without notice to you. We will disclose limited personal information about you to third parties as permitted or required by law, including but not limited to; attorneys, accountants, and mortgage lenders with whom you have established a relationship. We will collect and disclose the personal information needed to open and maintain custodial accounts and for receiving services from your account’s custodian, and when applicable- for you to receive services by a third-party adviser performing investment management services to your account. At times, you may opt out of our sharing of your information with these third parties by notifying us by telephone, mail, email, or in person. We do not provide your personal information to mailing list vendors or solicitors. 


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