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Financial Advisor in Garden Ridge, Texas

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Matthew Ure heads up the San Antonio, TX office.  He serves clients in both government and private sector to provide them with the resources to live a full and happy retirement.

In addition to investments and tax planning, Matthew has developed a special expertise in working with pensioned employees, including Military and Federal Employees, as well as Teachers and state employees.

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Defense Retirement Systems

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Our mission is to help Retirees make the right choices for their retirement by realizing the trade-offs associated with the many choice they have to make.

We offer web based seminars, one on one benefits counseling, and answers to questions via phone, email, or in person.  Our advisors have been featured in Investopedia, Barrons, US News, and Federal Employee Newsletter.

About our Team

We have earned masters degrees, financial licenses, and various designations and certifications including RMA, IAR, FedSmart advisor, and ChFEBC. 

Benefits Counseling

We offer comprehensive personalized benefits packets for Federal Employees, social security draw strategies, and considerations for comparing retirement ages.

We utilize analytics software to provide tax planning, social security strategies, risk profiling, and fund comparison


Our firm acts in a "fiduciary" capacity for our clients. We always work for you and ONLY YOU!

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RIA - Matthew Ure

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19115 Farm to Market Road 2252
Garden Ridge, Texas 78266

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