Michael Choniski

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Financial Advisor in Fairfield, Connecticut

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As the principal of Trendhaven I manage separate investment accounts held in custody of Wells Fargo. The investment goal is Absolute Return. The investment approach is tactical allocation based upon a proprietary quantitative analytic that has a 31 year verified track record of enhanced returns and single digit maximum drawdown. This is an investment approach which has had notable success during times of market stress.

See https://trendhaven.net/videos for overviews of process and performance.

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Trendhaven Investment Management, LLC

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Trendhaven is a Connecticut Limited Liability Company and a state registered RIA.

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RIA - Michael Choniski

Previous Work Experience

Corporate Value Services, LLC

Duration: 1996 - 2014
Trendhaven Investment Management, LLC

Duration: 2014 - 2023

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177 Andrassy Avenue
Fairfield, Connecticut 06824

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